18 September 2015

Snow road - on the top

Snow Road is the old road between Aurdal and Lærdal. From the year 2000 when the world longest tunnel (24,5 km ) between the two cities was opened, this is only the tourist attraction. In the middle of summer the snow still exist, and I can not imagine how it looks in the middle of winter time.

The Names made from stone. Some people like to leave the signs on earth


  1. The cairn reminds me somewhat of the inukshuks we see here in Canada.

  2. Yesterday, I visited an exhibition of 21 Norwegian printers and among them there is one from Bergen: Dolk. I liked them very much and I believe I've seen his stencils either in your blog or in Gunn's. One of his works illustrates the exhibition poster.

    1. Thank You, LuiZ for the information, and yes I think You saw some of his work on my blog too...