30 November 2014

A view from the bridge.

Alversund. Some shot from the bridge.


29 November 2014

Celebration of Light 2014

Bergen`s traditional Celebration of Light 2014.
Some pictures on beginning, and the movie at the end.

Celebration of Light, Bergen 2014

Celebration of Light, Bergen 2014

Celebration of Light, Bergen 2014

Celebration of Light, Bergen 2014

Celebration of Light, Bergen 2014

Celebration of Light, Bergen 2014

28 November 2014

The window

St. Jakob Kirke, Bergen

27 November 2014

Two different

Two different effects on the same photo. Bergen photo of course.



Which one is the better one?

24 November 2014

Here arises......

Here arises - the  world tallest wood building.  It will be 51 meter high and will have a 14 floors.

23 November 2014

Pepperkakebyen 2014 is open.

Yesterday was opened this year Pepperkakebyen. World`s biggest gingerbread town. My 12 pictures from today`s visit inn. 

22 November 2014

Morning mists.

Today`s morning walk on Godvik.

19 November 2014

Sky watching.

Sky watching - the amazing winter sunrise. Three nice pictures from today.

18 November 2014

17 November 2014

In the morning light

Byfjorden, in the morning sun. Today was a nice and sunny weather.

16 November 2014

15 November 2014

Somewhere at the end of the road...

Somewhere at the end of the road..... Saele, Sotra today.

Saele, Sotra

12 November 2014

Another sunrise.

It is just another sunrise. But I like the winter time sunrises.

11 November 2014


Lynghaugparken. From the same trip in Fyllingsdalen.


10 November 2014

09 November 2014

08 November 2014

One of hundred.

Langøyna. One of hundred little islands in Lindås


07 November 2014

One more.

One more amazing morning in Bergen. Winter is coming.

06 November 2014

Winter morning reprise.

One more time, today sunrise. The sun over Lyderhorn.

Winter sunrise

It looks like typical winter sunrise. Today over Bergen.

05 November 2014

Loddefjord church

From some short and cold walk. Loddefjord church in the night.


04 November 2014

Magical sunrise

Magical morning in Alvøen. Taken on the road to work.

03 November 2014

An evening sky over the ocean.

An evening sky over ocean, pictures taken from Fjell Fortress.