31 March 2015

Somewhere in Bergen. The container.

From some walk round Bergen. Urban space may look so colorfull.

30 March 2015


Cloudy but sunny day in Bergen with incredible spring light.

29 March 2015

AdO Arena

Swimming pool and gym arena in Bergen. Nice color building in tonemapping effect.

27 March 2015

24 March 2015

The old one`s

Still in the same place. So many views to photograph. The old boat houses. Straume/Dale.

23 March 2015

View from the bridge

Still the pictures from my trip to Mo. This one was taken from the small bridge in Straume / Dale.

22 March 2015


From the trip to Mo. Eidlandet. Outside is the winter come back. Wet and cold.

Eidslandet, Hordaland

21 March 2015

First day of spring

A short trip to Haganes in the first day of spring. Nice, sunny but little cold wind.

19 March 2015

The last one

I hope this is the last one picture from winter time, the spring is coming. Straume / Stamnes. Road 569.

17 March 2015

Spring day in Strusshamn

It was a sunny and warm day. Perfect for walk with the camera. Some shot from Strusshamn.

16 March 2015

Waiting for season.

Mo Dalen. The pearl. Fantastic place for short and long trip. Empty and quiet, before the season starts.

Mo Dalen

15 March 2015

14 March 2015

On the way to Mo

Eidslandet. Nice small place on the way to Mo. Nice sunny day. Nice play with the shadow ad sunlight.

09 March 2015

Water, rocks and sky - Telavåg

That was not so short trip to Telavåg, and because the weather is "prespring", i will present the pictures along this week.


07 March 2015

Gold clouds

Because the weather is still so bad, so bad, so bad..........

06 March 2015

Bergen windows

Another one from the collection of Bergen windows.

05 March 2015

Some shot

Just some shot with my new camera. I bought the camera one week ago, and still is rainy and so bad weather. Only one day in the way to my job I had a possibility to used it. Ytre Arna.

Ytre Arna

04 March 2015

Just the sky

The sky is amazing, probably everywhere, but in Bergen (and Norway) the sky is so amazing, so beauty. And I am never bored to watch it. 

03 March 2015

Winter scenery..... again

After one sunny day, and hope for the spring - today the winter comes back ...again.


02 March 2015

Sunny monday

Whole weekend was rainy. Bad, cold and rainy. Monday starts with little shower at morning, but now is sunny nice, little cold day.


01 March 2015

Gamle Bergen reprise

Just another one piece of Gamle Bergen. One of my favorite place. 

Gamle Bergen, Bergen