17 March 2015

Spring day in Strusshamn

It was a sunny and warm day. Perfect for walk with the camera. Some shot from Strusshamn.


  1. In this red house there is a twenty years old shop. Askøy Brukskunstlag owns the shop called Det Røde Hus. We are between 20 and 30, one man, by the way, who are knitting, painting, crocheting, sewing and modelling in wool. We sell lefse, anis and vanilla, with kling, and tykklefse. We have christmas dekor on the first floor, and easter decor. And lots of different wooden cups, toys and more...... Everybody can visit us at facebook detrodehus, and the shop is open tuesday, thursday and saturday

  2. I am overwhelmed with your photos, they are fantastic. This one, with this flashy colored house AND the reflection is really amazing !

  3. I really like the softness of this shot.