30 September 2014

Power of the sky

29 September 2014

Partially sunny.

From the rain in morning time to the nice, partially sunny evening. 

28 September 2014

Rainy and cloudy again.

I can not stay in home, even in the rainy and cloudy weather. Today`s wet trip on Sotra. This island name is Litlaflågo.


27 September 2014

For the next rainy day.

Some remainder, how looks nice, warm and sunny autumn. Today is cold, rainy and dark.

Autumn on Olsvik

Autumn on Olsvik

26 September 2014

E. Grieg and Bergen

The new one slideshow is done. Only the Bergen pictures with amazing Bergen composer Edward Grieg. Enjoy. And do not forget subscribe my channel.

25 September 2014

Sculptures in the park.

A few sculptures placed in the Solstrand Hotel park. From the Sitting Girl to the Playing Pigs. Enjoy 6 pictures from the park.

24 September 2014

Solstrand Hotel.

Fantastic quiet place. So nice old buildings and good weather.

Solstrand Hotel

23 September 2014

22 September 2014


Next one trip to Osterøy. Hiking around the Nedre Botnavatnet and Osvatnet. Start and finish in Tysse.

Tysse, Nedre Botnavatnet

Herlandsfoss kraftverk.

Another one tips from Osterøy. Close to Fotlandsvåg.


21 September 2014

19 September 2014

18 September 2014

Fire light.

Amazing weather is still with us. The next shot in sunset light. Olsvik, Bergen.

Olsvik Bergen

17 September 2014

In the last light.

I like the sunset light. Warm, full of color and so nice. One of my shot in the golden hours - this time from Olsvik.

Bergen Olsvik

16 September 2014

Amazing time.

The summer is back. Amazing sun everyday, amazing autumn around. Golden time.

Bergen`s autumn

15 September 2014

Morning light.

Today`s quiet autumn morning light taken in Alvøen.


14 September 2014

Amazing Bergen`s sunsets

Amazing Bergen`s sunsets on short slideshow. If You like the short movie, please subscribe my channel.

Light and shadow.

Osterøy, Hosanger in the morning autumn light.


12 September 2014


One more time, not the last one. Gamlehaugen. The most picturesque park in Bergen.


10 September 2014

4 minutes about abandoned places.

Welcome to watch the short slideshow. It including pictures of some abandoned places around Bergen. You can subscribe my channel on YouTube. Sometimes I will present the short movies. The next will be the Magical Bergen`s Sunsets.

09 September 2014


Osterøy again. Vestrevatnet is a post volcanic lake between the mountains. Absolute silence around. The lake surface was like a mirror. In place like this even the breath is too loud. 




08 September 2014

Somewhere on Osterøy

An absolutely fine looking old, abandoned barn - somewhere on Osterøy.


07 September 2014

Bruvik. Osterøy. On 3 pictures.

A magical place. I want to live in. Water and mountains around, magical cloudy day - create the unforgettable mood. I think i have to visit this place in winter time too. Enjoy. 

Bruvik Osterøy

Bruvik Osterøy

Bruvik Osterøy

06 September 2014

Barsvatnet, Osterøy.

Today, in the next cloudy day, I take a long trip around the Osterøy island.Soon I will present much more nice pictures. Today just two very autumn mood shots from little lake, Barsvatnet.

Barsvatnet, Osterøy

Barsvatnet, Osterøy

05 September 2014

04 September 2014

Ekren. Sotra.

Next small trip on Sotra. Today Ekren. A funny marina. 


02 September 2014


A view from Rongesundet bridge. Dark, cloudy day over the Kjøpmannsvågen.


01 September 2014

Sandviken roofs.

View for a Sandviken roofs from Sverresborg Fortress.