30 April 2015

One cloud

From the Fjell Festning yesterday.

29 April 2015

Sunset clouds

24 April 2015

Greetings from Bergen

Spring is coming, slowly. Best greetings to all who remember about my birthday.

22 April 2015


Sun on the blue sky, blue water in the fjord, and the Rocks..... Hordaland, Norway. Welcome.

13 April 2015

From distance

It was not good weather to take the picture from long distance. The air was foggy. But the photo present how nice is placed the Olsnesøyna island.

12 April 2015

Olsnesøyna island

From the trip on Osterøy. Little island on the Fjord. Nice place to live.

11 April 2015

Spring in Bruvik

Some small trip to Osterøy today. The place I like so much, Bruvik. Everything in one place. The fresh air, mountains around, fjords, waterfall, nice small city and friendly people. Heaven.


10 April 2015

06 April 2015


From some cloudy and cold day. Every time I am in Bergen, I shot this mountain.


05 April 2015

03 April 2015

02 April 2015

01 April 2015

I will be back soon, Spring

The second cold and snowy day in Bergen. On the picture is some moment between the snow storms.