31 January 2015

Today`s trip

Golten. Amazing sky over the ocean in Golten, today.


30 January 2015

Painted by the light

Another one night, painted by the light, portrait of the city Bergen.


29 January 2015

Like a painting

Terrible weather outside. After the snow storm cross the day, now is only a tons of water everywhere. Brrrr.


28 January 2015

Light in the dark

From the very wet walk in Ytre Arna.

27 January 2015


All the comments here on blog and on Facebook page, showed that You prefer the soft texture. Here is one more.


26 January 2015

Playing with pictures - a day in the city

Saturday afternoon in the city. Weather like you see on pictures. Bored time, enough to play with the pictures. The first is only with soft filter, the second with vintage texture. Enjoy, and have a fun.



Which is better?

25 January 2015

Playing with pictures.

Weather is still so bad. Wet, wet and wet, Little snow in the night, and rain from early morning. Wet. Boring time.


24 January 2015

Bergen at night.

Bergen at night time. Sverresborg festning.


23 January 2015

Winter was here

Very short cold period is finish. The rain and one more storm is back. Typical Bergen.

22 January 2015

Sun and.....

Beautiful day, today. Little frost and sunshine for whole day. 

21 January 2015

Sunset light effect

From today`s sunset photo walk. Amazing effect.

20 January 2015

The End of the Day

Yesterdays evening walk. The End of the Day.


19 January 2015


Shelter, a deep in the forest. From some walk cross Godvik.

18 January 2015


After few rainy days, again is the snow in mountain. Looks nice.


17 January 2015

Playing with picture.

A few new (free) software to playing with the different effect. I like it.

Rain drops

The next cloudy and rainy day this winter.

16 January 2015


The picture taken from Askøy, some sunny day in june 2014. Photo archive.

15 January 2015


Summer reminder. From the walk cross the mountains around Bergen. Tarlebøvatnet. Photo archive.

14 January 2015

Again, yesterday`s sunset.

Because i take a lot of photography yesterday, I want to public little more. Spectacular light over the Liåtarnet.
Three more photos below:

13 January 2015


Afternoon in Bergen with the amazing sky.

12 January 2015

Somewhere on Askøy

Archive exploration. In the last 24 h we had a hurricane, little sun, storm with thunder and lightning,rain, hail, snow and rain again and now storm again. Crazy weather
Picture taken on Askøy last summer.


11 January 2015

Cloudy day in Håkonshella.

One cloudy day in Håkonshella. Last summer around Bergen.

10 January 2015

Crazy time.

Strong storm, Nina over Bergen. Better to stay inside. Dangerous and crazy time. Photo from archive.

Bergen Lyderhorn

09 January 2015

Høgskolen i Bergen

This summer i will try walk around to take some pictures how the great architect can connect the old buildings with the new ones. This is taken from long distance, and after the tilt shift effect.

08 January 2015

Continuing red weather

Still cloudy, not so cold. Rain and hail. Red weather over Bergen.

07 January 2015


I love cloudy weather. I love red weather, like today, over Bergen.

06 January 2015

Painted evening.

Painted sky over Askøy. That was a magical evening. Today is still rainy and bad weather, but is not so cold. Photo Archive.

05 January 2015


In a cloudy day. Floen, taken from long distance. Photo archive.


04 January 2015

Winter sun

Winter sun over Bergen. Little snow after the night storm.

Winter sun over Bergen

03 January 2015

Something bright

For the dark, stormy and rainy day - something bright. Photo archive.

02 January 2015

01 January 2015

Photo of the Year

I think this is my Photo of the Year. I like the mood.