22 October 2014

Amazing Sotra

Amazing places everywhere on Sotra. Kjøpmannsvågen.


21 October 2014

Two years of everyday`s pleasure.

Yes, This is big everyday pleasure for me, to show You this fantastic city Bergen and Hordaland area.
Thank You all my visitors - 300 000 entries on 730 posts.
I love YOU all, without YOU this all does not make a sense.
Thank YOU......

Link to the first anniversary post.

20 October 2014

Salmon`s farm

Salmon`s farm on Hardangerfjord.


Dark and rainy.

Kjøkkelvik. Typical bergen`s weather at the end of autumn. The winter time is coming.


19 October 2014

18 October 2014

Ytre Tysse

The next one picture from my trip around Hardanger.

Ytre Tysse