31 January 2013

Walk on Fjellet part 2


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30 January 2013

Walk on Fjellet part 1


28 January 2013

Askoy Bridge

The Askøy Bridge (Norwegian: Askøybroen) is a suspension bridge which crosses Byfjorden between Bergen and Askøy in Hordaland, Norway. It is 1,057 meters (3,468 ft) long and has a main span of 850 meters (2,789 ft), making it the longest suspension bridge in Norway (until Hardanger Bridge is opened) . It carries two lanes of County Road 562 and a combined pedestrian and bicycle path. The bridge's two concrete pylons are 152 meters (499 ft) tall and are located at Brøstadneset in Bergen and Storeklubben in Askøy. The bridge has seven spans in total, although all but the main span are concrete viaducts. The bridge has a clearance below of 62 meters (203 ft).
The first plans to replace the Kleppestø–Nøstet Ferry with a bridge, which would allow the island of Askøy to have a fixed link, was launched in the 1960s. Various proposals were made, including placing the bridge further east and closer to Bergen, and building a submerged floating tunnel. In the early 1970s, a toll company was established to finance the bridge, but too high costs to cover with tolls and the lack of a motorway to Bergen from the west postponed construction. In the early 1980s, there was controversy about whether advanced tolls should be charged on the ferry, but these were ultimately charged from 1984 until the bridge opened. Construction started in 1989 and the bridge opened ahead of schedule on 12 December 1992, along with a new section of the road which included the Stongafjell Tunnel and Olsvik Tunnel. The bridge remained a toll road until 2006.

View on pylon and bridge from Olsvik
Askoy Bridge Bergen
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25 January 2013

Christiania (Oslo) 100 years ago.

Christiania (Oslo) 100 years ago.
This name was in use between 1877 and 1925.
Pictures from Library Of Congress

24 January 2013

Walk on Sandviken

Geographically it is located north-east of the city center. The neighbourhood begins north of Bergenhus Fortress, and follows the coastline facing west. Sandvik Road is the main thoroughfare through the area, which mostly consists of residential buildings. Sandviken has around 13,000 inhabitants.

The early development of Sandviken consisted largely of  water mills and shipyards. Later, traders from Bergen built landing places and warehouses in the area. Sandviken was long an isolated suburb of Bergen. The road to Sandviken  traveled through  Ladegården. The new, wider route to Sandviken was established during 1869-1873.

[http://www.sandviksbukten.no/?document_id=27 ''Prosjekt Sandviken'' (Sandviken historical association)]

Bergen Sandviken

23 January 2013

Painted by frost

Low temperatures and high humidity, more than 80%, create such wonders.

Bergen frost

21 January 2013


Were You already in Norway.
If Not....
This is a bug, that You must fix.
People from VisitNorway portal have wrotten:
Norway Powered By Nature
It`s true
All around feels the power of nature
Norway is beautiful
Bergen is the most beautiful city in Norway
Hordaland is the Fjord county and
Bergen is colled Gate To the Fjords
Is the place You need to see and feel

Welcome in

Bergen - view to a Sotra

View from Bergen to a Sotra.

Day in Agotnes.

Waiting for better times.

Views from Agotnes

Piece of Sotra.

Views from Agotnes

Views from Agotnes

House on the rock.

Views from Agotnes

Sunset in Agotnes.

Views from Agotnes

14 January 2013

12 January 2013

The girls

Photographs from beginning of 20th century.

One from Voss...

Bergen, Hordalan, Norway

... and one from Hardanger

Bergen, Hordalan, Norway

Pictures from The Congress Library

07 January 2013


Edward Grieg museum in Bergen. Troldhaugen.

Troldhaugen, Bergen

Profile on entrance.

Troldhaugen, Bergen

Troldhaugen, Bergen

Troldhaugen, Bergen

Edward Grieg house from different sides.

Troldhaugen, Bergen

Troldhaugen, Bergen

A place to work. Outside and inside.

Troldhaugen, Bergen

Troldhaugen, Bergen

Little concert hall. Troldsalen.

Troldhaugen, Bergen

Troldhaugen, Bergen

The grave.


And music.....